Okay, so the hardest part is over!

You’ve chosen the bridesmaids and the pecking order is established, now you have the big task of keeping everyone happy and content during the lead up to your big day. With the pre-wedding schedules and stress, it can be easy to forget to listen to our bridesmaids and check in on them, so to make things as simple as possible- here are our some top tips for keeping your girls smiling all the way up to when they lead you down the aisle.

Propose to them

Popping the question is a big deal for your bridesmaids too. In today’s world- there are so many creative ways to do this that will have extra-special meaning for your besties. From handwritten notes, to cost-effective edible gifts with personalized messaging or an individual piece of jewellery that they could wear on the big day- the choice is yours. A cute idea would be sending them each a lovely bouquet along with a personal hand-written note asking them to share the day with you. You should definitely contact Jenny B Flowers for that stunning bouquet!

Address the awkwardness

No matter how hard we try- the simple fact is that some girls just don’t get along. It’s also no secret that weddings tend to bring out some pretty free-flowing emotion- so our best advice is to deal with this upfront with your bridal party to avoid any awkwardness moving forward. Make sure you prioritize spending time together as a group, socializing and introducing the people that don’t know each other all that well. It can only help ease tensions down the line and add to everyone getting along on the big day and dancing the night away.

Say ‘yes’ to their dress

If there’s something you have in mind for bridesmaids dresses and you aren’t prepared to budge, let them know why and explain the look you’re going for. However, with different body types and self-confidence being a key factor in whatever you wear- be mindful that your bridal party will be a lot happier (and more manageable) if they’re wearing something they like and best symbolizes their individual

Ask their opinions (a lot)

These are your chosen few for a reason! Making sure you show them that you respect and value their opinions will go a long way in happy wedding planning,so invite them along to your appointments, have a chat group and interact and include everyone to add to the excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime life event.

Bond away…

You’ll never get this time back- think of it like that. This is your last stage of selfish girl-time with your most beloved. Take the time to show them how much you care and make occasions out of everything, from DIY origami over wine nights and series binging to restaurant hopping, cake tasting and of course, the shopping. This is an experience that’s too precious not to share and although it can be stressful, it can also be a great excuse for weekly get-togethers and plan-a-thons where although the focus is the wedding, theres an easy way to approach it and plenty fun to be had with many hands making light work.


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