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Clever Ways To Cut Down On Your Wedding Budget

Everyone dreams of their fairytale wedding, but sometimes the funds just aren't always available to excuse all those lavish ideas. So, we're here to offer you some budget-savvy tips to help take the financial sting out of your big day!



Sure, a plated sit down meal in a beautiful venue is rather exquisite, but it can end up costing quite a bit as it's quite labour intensive! We suggest you do some research when it comes down to selecting your wedding day menu.

For example, a buffet or family style dinner would work out far cheaper than a three course plated menu. We also absolutely adore the idea of having a breakfast or brunch wedding (just imagine how much you could be saving on booze as well)!

A winter wedding

Go off peak! Most venues and service providers usually tend to offer discounts for weddings taking place out of peak season.

If you simply cannot face having a winter wedding, you can still have your beautiful summer time wedding, but choose to go with a mid-week affair. Midweek weddings are becoming increasingly popular and it will bring down your venue and hiring costs quite substantially!

Budget Blooms

Flowers can be pretty darn pricey, but they're are so beautiful and totally worth the price! We suggest getting your flowers from a wholesaler as this will most certainly bring down your costs.

If using a florist, only choose blooms that are in season. Remember to do extensive research to check what will be available in the month you choose to marry.

The dress

If you've had your eye on a beautiful designer gown, but cannot afford one, we suggest looking at hiring. Boutiques often have real gems and we assure you, you will still look and feel like an absolute dream!

Some other options include buying previously loved gowns or buying a dress on sale. Everyone loves a good deal!