Don’t underestimate planning your wedding ceremony, there’s way more to it than just showing up and saying “I do.” So read on for what to do and what not to do so, you can focus on the really important part—your vows!

Do: Get to know your officiant ahead of time.

This is the person who is going to lead you through the emotional commitment that you are embarking on, so it's crucial that they're someone whom you both trust and are comfortable with. If you follow this guideline your ceremony will feel far more personalised without any last-minute 'what next' panic attacks.

Don't: Pick a ceremony venue that's too far away from your reception.

Keeping your ceremony space in a close proximity to your reception venue is the easiest way to cut costs and simplify your planning. Confirm a ceremony venue that's nearby or at the same place as your reception and you'll have more time for things like photos and mingling with your guests at the pre-dinner drinks.

Do: Be considerate of time when you're getting ready.

From your hair and makeup to photos and travel, there is so much to do before your actual ceremony begins. In most cases, you only have the ceremony space for a limited amount of time and you definitely don't want your guests waiting on you. We suggest to make a plan for two and a half (or even three) hours scheduled just for beauty before the 'I dos'.

Don't: Spend your entire décor budget on flowers for the entrance.

To save on décor costs, opt to decorate the high impact ares like your aisle as these areas will draw the most attention on your big day. Then use the rest of your floral/decor budget on the entrance, chairs and of course the ceiling of your venue.

Do: Offer comfortable seating.

One of the most important things for your ceremony is comfortable seating. If your seats are comfy, your guests will solely focus on enjoying your wedding experience in all its beauty. It could be with adding bright cushions to your church pews or exchanging wobbly plastic folding chairs for something a little for strong. Don't forget the spacing between chairs, so your guests have enough wriggle room.

Don't: Insist your shy friend do a reading

Never force your shy friend into anything they are not comfortable doing. Whether they are the best readers, poets or writers you know, just think about if they are the best person for the role and are really comfortable with public speaking. And as the bride, don't take it to heart if someone declines because they are not feeling up to it.

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