You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cake and that’s kind of the same thing. And when it comes to all things sweet, decadent and delicious, just remember to count the memories and not the calories!

The wedding cake was derived from the tradition that newlyweds would keep their cake until their first wedding anniversary to avoid the superstition of marital difficulties occurring in the years to come. Yes, waiting 365 days to enjoy your cake again does sounds dreadfully unappealing, so we've decided to help out all the brides seeking refuge from tradition in the form of 5 new and exciting ideas for your perfect alternative wedding cake!

Macaroon tower anyone? Who could say no to these little bite-sized pieces of heaven. Which have the added benefit of almost being too gorgeous to eat.

The king of all cakes – the cheese cake! You could take this for face value and have a cake made up entirely of different types of cheese wheels, or you could be crafty by having your cake layered with the likes of strawberry cheesecake, salted caramel cheesecake and so forth. You could even have a basic white chocolate fondant cake with the top tier wholly dedicated to worshipping the cheesecake for something fun and different.

If you're looking for something quirky- why not consider a scrumptious waffle mountain, just think of that bright golden syrup dripping down the waffles. Mmmm. You could also add a few seasonal berries to the mix, so it feels more extravagant than a Sunday morning breakfast.

Take a walk down memory lane and think of your favourite childhood biscuit treat- 'jolly jammers’, ‘lemon creams’ or even an ‘Oreo’ stack could be something unexpected but fun and memorable for your guests!

If all the above ideas are a little too outlandish for you, we then suggest the ultimate crowd pleaser- the Naked cake. This cake is hugely on-trend and is also a guaranteed hit with any guest, whether you decide on decadent chocolate sponge with a rich buttercream filling or opt for a fluffy carrot cake accompanied with the added goodness of cream cheese icing...

Just remember that traditional can also fit in a little twist.