Photo Bomb

Mobile photo booth

Our Mobile Photo Booth is a free standing compact Photo Booth with two screens and a DSLR Camera. Photos print out within one minute of it being taken. We cater for ANY kind of event to entertain the guests. We will give you a FREE guest book should you book us through this website.

Key features:

Prints out a physical photo
Small to use almost anywhere
Setup time is 5mins

Selfie Booth

The Selfie Booth allows the target audience to interact with the kiosk via touch screen. Photos can be branded and sent up to social media platforms. The user can also send it via different electronic streams to their own accounts. Excellent for brand activations and unattended entertainment. It has a second 19” screen that allows for digital advertising.

Key features:

Attract audience unattended
Highly customizable
Doubles up as a digital advertising stand

Print Kiosk

Standalone kiosk with a touch screen. It displays pictures from social media taken by the guests themselves using their phones. It allows for the guests to print and share their photos of the event, allowing for great marketing opportunities. This kiosk can be configured to give out random prizes as well.

Key features:

Small and compact
Prints out photos from hashtags
Can be used for competitions

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