A Symbol of Love, Peace and Joy

* White doves are universally recognized as a symbol of Love, Peace and Joy.
* Many famous people world over have released white doves as a symbol of their hopes for the future.
* It adds a Special atmosphere appreciated by spectators of all ages.
* It makes ordinary moments into extraordinary moments.
* Tradition holds that if white doves are seen, a happy home is assured.

Ivan's white doves is based in CAPE TOWN and have a 100km radius in place for my doves to return home safely

A popular white dove release after the ceremony:

The 2 lead doves are released by the couple (either from the cage or from their hands).
As they fly off together it symbolises the beginning of the couple's life together.
As the 2 doves soar into the sky, the remaining doves (if any) are released, joining the lead doves, flying home as one family.

These beautiful doves were also featured on Top Billing Weddings.

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