Married on Aug 12, 2017 in Gauteng

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How did your love story begin?


Me and my now husband met in 2011, I was 16 years old and he was 21. We were quit good friends but I felt something more and was not completely sure he felt the same way... Obviously we as the strong women of today I had no choice but to make the first move. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I was at home after school, we had chat on BBM and I told him there is something I have to tell him and he asked what it was?.... I told him that I liked someone but was not sure how to tell this person and I also was not sure how this person will react.... He immediately asked who it was and I said " J " (Afrikaans text langues for U) and he was like who is "J" and I was like seriously "Dit is jy!". Well 3 years down the line we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy- Jaques Ro-Victor Smit. And FINALLY got engaged in 2014. There was no rush to get married but we decided last year that it was time and started planning our fairy tale wedding day. I could not be more blessed than what I am. I married my best friend, my soulmate and then that extra piece of heaven on earth is my little boy.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Our proposal was very special but I sort of knew all about it.... We went to Fahrenheit Restaurant on the 22nd of November 2014. Every now and then the Maitre' D came to our table and handed me a pink Gerbera Flower (My favorite flower) with a little card attached to it with a word on. After the 4th Flower and note I knew what was going on but played along... 'Sal jy met my' and then we waited for our dessert to come, my favorite dessert- strawberry cheesecake and on the plate it had writing on 'trou', Theunis got down on one knee and asked me if I will marry him. I still don't think up until today I ever said yes LOL.

Did you go on honeymoon? If so, where did you go?


No, we will only go on Honeymoon a bit later. Save some money up for an exotic trip to Thailand maybe...

Wedding Gallery


Describe your wedding look, hair & makeup, wedding dress, shoes, lingerie, jewellery and accessories.

I wanted to look as natural as possible so I just had simple curls with a upside down side braid. My make-up was soft and elegant but still natural. My wedding dress was OUT OF THIS WORLD beautiful, I got it at Bride & Co. All lace, very form fitting with long lace sleeves. My shoes were jellie shoes, and blush pink in color. I only wore gorgeous pearl earrings as I did wanted to over do and take away from the details on my wedding dress.

Where did you get married? Did your guests stay the night? If so, where?

We got married at Sha-Mani Lodge in Alberton- one stunning venue. Not all out guests stayed over but the ones that did slept over at Sha-Mani Lodge as well as they do cater accommodation.

Where did you get married? Did your guests stay the night? If so, where?

We got married at Sha-Mani Lodge in Alberton- one stunning venue. Not all out guests stayed over but the ones that did slept over at Sha-Mani Lodge as well as they do cater accommodation as well.

What was your bridal beauty regime leading up to your wedding? Health & fitness, skin, teeth whitening and spa treatments?

I really really tried dieting but that just did not last very long. I just went for a nice mani & pedi and a facial and had some highlights put in my hair.

My dear friend Rene from Nail Tech Studio did my nails and make-up for my special day and it absolutely looked gorgeous.

My hair was done by Renate from Salon Sylona and it looked beautiful.

Describe your décor, flowers, furniture, tents, stage & lighting and any other rented elements.

My color scheme was blush pink and rose gold. We went for a very Rustic Vintage look. Everything was perfect, the venue being Rustic & Vintage complemented our decor so good.

Our flower arrangements were done by Heather & John from Heather Bell's- 2 very dear and special people.

What did the groom and groomsmen wear? Where did they find their suits and accessories?

My handsome groom wore a beige suite, chocolate brown belt and shoes. With a gorgeous Casio watch and of course a he had to wear a little bit of pink so he wore a blush pink tie. Our little boy was the ring bearer, he wore a beige chino pants with brown shoes and a cure little pink bow tie.

Describe what your bridesmaids wore and where they got the look.

We did not have a bridal party...

Who was your marriage officer?

Pastor Jaco Myburgh. A very special person in our lives.

Who captured the special moments of your day? Tell us about your photographer and/or videographer and if you made use of a photo booth.

2 very talented photographers captured our special day. Xanthe Marais Photography & Antoinette van Staden Photography.

Did you have a planner to help coordinate your day?

I did everything myself. It was a DYI wedding and I had sooooo much fun making and planning everything.

Who prepared the food for your wedding and who made the wedding cake?

The Wedding Cake was made by a very dear friend, Nikita. Her small business Nice things and Company is growing so amazingly and I am so very pleased she made our gorgeous wedding cake as well as our cupcakes.

The food absolutely delicious food was prepared by Kallie from Pig Out.

Who designed and printed your stationery?

Our wedding invites were done by Lazer Cutting Lovers. We received soooo many compliments on them.

I designed pretty much everything.

Tell us about the party. Did you take dance lessons? Who did your sound and lighting? Did you have a DJ or a live band?

We received dance lessons from Cathy, Andre and Paul from Simply Social Dance. We couldn't have done it without them. In all the years of being together we never danced together but now we have a ball together.

We had a absolute blast and danced until the sun came up.

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