Married on Jan 28, 2017 in Western Cape

The most beautiful God given day - OUR WEDDING DAY.
I found the best part of me hidden in the midst of Gods love, faith and beauty, Edwardo Stephan Mitchell. Formed perfectly in the image God knew best. The enormous love and growth of our union is all thank and honour to God. No words can amount to the gratitude we have I can go on and on about the goodness and love God has bestowed upon our union.

Our wedding day was filled with our closest family and friends. Such a charismatic wedding where there was only tears of joy, tears of laughter and joyful moments. Before I walked down the isle with my Dad, fiancé and I first said a prayer together, him being blindfolded as not to see me before the time.

After our prayer the calmness was just overflowing as I knew, this MAN was created JUST for me. Whilst walking down the isle I couldn't stop my tears as MY husband was coming over to get his bride. He looks so dashing and handsome... everything after could not have fallen better into place.

Before we left the chapel, we lit individual candles to light up 1 BIG candle together, symbolising - 2 become 1. Ending off with a medley in song - "We say yes, I love You Lord, Bless the Lord♫"


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