Marriage Coach/Counselling

Planning your marriage is more important than planning your wedding.
Wedding is just 1 day ... Marriage is a lifetime!
In the course of 5 sessions, Dr. Leon Steenkamp provides pre-marital counseling for individuals and groups. To enjoy each other and a happy marriage. It's practical and it's fun.

The sessions are introduced with probing questions such as
- Why do I want to marry you?
- How can we improve the quality of each other's lives?
- What is a happy marriage?

After that, each one's personality type will be evaluated and discussed on the basis of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®).
This is followed by focusing on:

- Values
- Religion
- Communication
- Intimacy
- Expectations
- Adjustments
- Mutual respect and trust
- Financial Planning
- Problem solving
- Growth, and so on.

The sessions are concluded with a mutual commitment to satisfy each other's needs in different areas – physical, psychological, spiritual and relational.

Marriage Officer

I've been a registered Marriage Officer for over 30 years and conducted civil and religious weddings all over this beautiful country of ours – North & South, East & West, in Afrikaans or English.

The wedding is YOURS and therefore it will be specially prepared for you as the wedding couple! Your needs will be my priority to accommodate in a formal or informal manner.
Caring, loving and humour will always be part of this special occasion.

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