What's the best day of the week to have a wedding?

Have you only been a guest to weddings on a Saturday? Don't stress if you have, it's not a rule that you have to obide by - no one will ever frown upon a Friday or a Sunday wedding and its your day- and ultimately your choice. There is an eternal battle between week day and weekend weddings though, so here are a few reasons why most people prefer a weekend wedding option.

Friday weddings:
In the pro corner, more venues are open for confirmation on Fridays as most brides book Saturday weddings. The venue costs and services tend to be cheaper on weekdays in general. The best thing about a Friday wedding, is that it leaves the rest of the weekend freed up!
In the con corner, we weigh up that most of your guests only clock off work at 5pm and if you count in the travel time, your wedding could be a much shorter event. You will also be expected to take time off work to attend the wedding (thats a special type of annual leave!)

In the pro corner, you have a full day to pamper yourself for the wedding and you have the whole of Sunday to soak up all the surrounding happiness and unwrap gifts of course. Saturdays also allow time for guests to travel to and from their destinations.
In the con corner, you can practically chalk up your whole Saturday to this wedding process. This is the one day of the week when you really need to book and pay your deposit well in advance to secure your venue and ceremony service. You will also be competing with other brides everywhere at top notch prices too.

(It has been done - it's just not as common)

In the pro corner, weekdays set the stage for a short and sweet wedding. And we all know that simplicity often reigns supreme. Your costs will be significantly lower and your budget will often be more manageable. The greatest thing is that most of the days will be available for you to chose from!
In the con corner, you may find that some venues will be unavailable during the week. Your guests may not be able to attend your wedding or they might have to leave earlier to relieve the babysitter!

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